Father of the Bride Speaches - How to Give a Memorable Father of the Bride Speaches

Published: 31st March 2010
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Your daughter is going to get married and your thoughts have turned to father
of the bride speaches. I guess you want to deliver personal, memorable and funny
speech with maybe a couple of appropriate father of the bride jokes.

Your starting point has been to turn and your computer and head over to Google
perhaps trying such phrase as,"funny father of the bride sppeches", "father of
the bride speech example", "christian farther of the bride speeches", "Jewish
father of the bride speeches" or even if you want to be a bit more up to date
"father of the bride speaches 2010".

This may help by giving you some pointers, but your speech needs to be highly
original and very personal.

If you just copy and paste bits from some of the web pages listed above you
will end up with a wedding speech that does not flow and more importantly anyone
who has attended a wedding in the last 10 years will no very little original
thought and effort has gone in to it.

By all means use the internet as a source of inspiration, but consider you
own experience and other sources of inspiration as well.

Let us look in a little more detail at what is in typical father of the bride

The father of the brides speech needs to be a funny, have a few quotes in it,
maybe a couple of jokes but most of all be memorable and sincere

So here are the top tips

  1. Relax and act confident even if you are scared stiff, traditionally you are hosting the whole day and it should be one of the proudest days of your life.

  2. Don't just Google wedding speeches and copy and paste into a speech anyone who has attended a wedding in the last 10 years would have heard the jokes before and know you could not be bothered to go the extra mile Stand-up, Speak-Up Then Shut-Up, Never try and give your speech sitting down, you need presence and the audiences attention.

  3. Always, Always, Always plan what you are going to say. Use small note cards to help you.

  4. You should typically commence by welcoming the Groom's parents, relatives of families, all other guests and welcome the Groom to his family. Say a few words about your daughter, this may include how proud he and his wife are of their daughter and her achievements and may include details of her earlier life, her key achievements and any funny antidotes.

  5. The Bride's Father should remember he is talking on behalf of his wife and himself unless his wife is not present or is going to speak separately.

  6. Slow down and enjoy the experience, a well timed pause can add to the effect and allow the audience to use their own imagination if they have been led in the right way.

  7. Keep it short; and from the heart, your job is to be emotional, welcoming, and sincere. Your role is to make the wedding reception guests enjoy the day.

The best mans speech is the one everyone looks forward to..

With these tips, I assure you, you won't embarrass yourself in front of the
whole wedding party.

I hope these tips have given you some pointers on what to do when giving your
best man speech. If you want to go the extra mile, writing and delivering a
highly amusing and original father of the bride speech then check out our
Wedding Speeches Tips Page

Father of the brides speeches are amongst the hardest speeches you will ever
have to deliver as they are very personal. It can be one of the scariest things
in life, follow our 7 simple tips to help you write and deliver an amusing,
original and personal father of the bride speech.

Giving a Father of The Bride Speech can be one of the hardest speeches you will ever have
to write and deliver, As well as being scary you also need to make sure you
following wedding etiquette so as not to offend anyone and deliver a sincere yet
amusing speech.

Our essential 7 tips will help ensure you look a hero. If you would like to go that extra mile also
checkout this web
which I personally found a great source of inspiration and
help when writing my wedding speach. I hope you write a great father of the
bride wedding speach and have a memorable and happy day I know I did.

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Weddingphotoshot Ltd

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